New version of Blynk library for MicroPython is released!

  • The new official Blynk library v0.2.0 for Python is released and available via github and pip.

    It contains better support for new PyCom boards and Raspberry Pi, API improvements.
    In fact, the library was completely rewritten, as previous version had too many problems.

    Please check out the new README and examples.

    Check it out here:
    And of course, do not forget to give it a github star! ;)


    Happy Blynking!

    P.S. I have also started working on a BLE connection example, however it is quite unstable.
    I'd love some help from PyCom BLE gurus here. Thanks!
    Technically, BlynkBLE class implements the BLE Nordic UART Service.

  • Im not the correct person to answer your BLE queries. but if you let me know what they are Ill get them infront of someone who can and get you answers :)

    Otherwise. Awesome work :D

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