GPy LTE Issues, UK

  • Hi.

    So I have put in my normal mobile phone mirco simcard into the GPy and have tryed to make an LTE object and then connect but the modem never attaches. Im using the expansion board 3 and have the LTE antenna too.

    When i run lte.send_at_cmd('AT+CSQ') it get the number 99,99 returned which means not reciving anything. But on my phone I'm getting full signal with the same simcard.

    I'm in the UK and using the GIffGaff network.


  • @Paul-Thornton Have you found any update/change on Vodafone's rollout in the UK in the last 1 yr? It will be highly appreciate if you share your knowledge on this issue.

  • Hello Definity,

    Its not a normal 3g/4g setup. You cant just put a normal simcard in and have it work. Youll need an NB-IOT/CAT-M1 enabled sim. and your local network needs to support it. which isn't actually the case for most of the UK.

    Vodafone is our best bet. But even they don't have a full rollout yet.

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