Fipy: LTE-M and Amarisoft, can't connect

  • Hello everyone.
    I can't connect my FiPy to my Amarisoft network with LTE-M.

    I have the EPC and eNB Amarisoft, so all the log I need. The cell PLMN is the HPLMN.

    I don't understand why, but the FiPy doesn't even try to connect to the cell. I can clearly see my cell in the 'AT+SQNINS=0' report. It is even the most powerful one. But when I look at the monitored cell ('AT+SQNMONI=7'), I don't even see it.

    Even if I try to force an attach on the band (lte.attach(band = X)) and my cell is the only one available on that band, I don't see any connection attempt. I also tried to force an only HPLMN connectivity without success ('AT+COPS').

  • I solved the issue. I don't know why it didn't even try to connect, but with another attempt of COPS it worked.

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