PyMakr 2.0 for Atom Plans: Feedback wanted [video]

  • PyMakr plugin has been active for the past 1.5 years with more than 47k downloads just on Atom. The tool was designed to help developers of Pycom modules and other ESP32-based microcontrollers.

    Throughout this time we’ve been growing the platform based on your inputs in our forum/support channel. After talking to users from our community and getting experts’ feedback, we realise that PyMakr could also help users with other issues such as prototyping with multiple boards, uploading or downloading specific files, etc.

    With that in mind, our team came up with a new layout concept for PyMakr. We believe that with it, our users will be able to achieve more with PyMakr in less time.

    We built a video prototype, explaining the concept and new features available. We’d love for you to give a few minutes and let us know what your impressions are. Our goal is to be sure that we’re on the right track, creating a tool that fits our users’ needs.

    Link to the video and feedback form:

  • Thanks for this information. It is useful

  • @John-Baird If you could open an issue on that would be great. Check the dev console (help -> toggle developer tools), there might be some potentially useful info there for debugging.

  • @Ralph Great news! One small issue I have with VSCode is that after multiple disconnect/reconnects the Pymakr stops functioning and won't connect anymore. If I quit VSC and restart it connects first time. Happy to help find this, so let me know if there is any debug/log info I can supply.

  • @Martinnn The VSCode plugin runs on a lot of the same code, so yes it will get an update as well. Problem is that vscode doesn't allow for a lot of freedom when it comes to the UI.

    So we're building the new atom plugin first, and after that we port the code to VSCode plugin. But we'll have to re-think the interface a bit. It'll probably be less visual, more command based, but hopefully with the same new features.

  • What about VSCode? I hope it gets an upgrade as well?
    Direct file system access would be nice!

  • @Ralph Thanks this was helpful.

  • @crumble I forgot to mention it in the survey, but a download feature would be extremely handy since my devices are rarely if ever on WiFi, and FTP requires extra steps to configure wifi on the board I'm testing.

  • @crumble Thanks for the feedback! I agree on the REPL log feature, it's actually already in the plan (see the document in my other comment) so no worries there.

    There's already a download feature in the current pymakr and also in the plans as shown in the video. This can be used to download log files too, as long as you allow the correct filetypes in the settings.

  • I miss a log feature for the REPL. Saving the output into a file helps to find bugs in tests running for some hours.

    A download function will be nice. Some people seems to have problems with FTP and larger files. My log files are stored on SD card. So it is not synced with the project source.

  • For anyone interested, this is the complete list of features for Pymakr 2.0. Feel free to comment on this document if you have feedback or feature requests!

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