Fipy, is LTE.deinit needed after every deepsleep?

  • I'm using a fipy to send some sensor data with LoRa after which it goes into deepsleep for 15 minutes.
    The first time the fipy boots up i deinit the LTE-m modem. Which takes about 4 seconds.
    if my code detects a deepsleep reset, it skips this lte-m deinit.
    Do i have to deinit the LTE-m modem after every deepsleep even though i don't us it in my code.
    I can't find any documentation if the LTE-m modem inits after a reset like the WLAN does even though i don't use it.

  • I know this is an old topic but I hate to see so many go unanswered. In short the answer is: No.
    In the WiFi tutorial it is stated:
    "The WLAN (WiFi) is a system feature of all Pycom devices, therefore it is enabled by default. The development boards include an on-board antenna by default, so no external antenna is needed to get started."

    The LTE is not a system feature and, in any case, you would need to attach an antenna to be able to use it without damaging the board. It wouldn't be very good firmware if it damaged the board when simply powering it up for the first time. It would be nice if there was a more explicit mention of this in the docs, but we make do :D

    As to the WiFi; Best to deinit it in, if you haven't already. Just do the opposite of this:

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