Exp Board 3 - Charge LED flash codes

  • Hi all, does anyone have any information (or can point me to any information) regarding the 'flash codes' for the red Charge LED on the Expansion Board 3.

    The LED is solid red while the battery is charging most of the time, but on occasions there are instances of the LED flashing - 10 times on/off at approx 1 sec intervals then a long break of several minutes, 1 long flash followed by 6 short flashes and other sequences. What do these mean, how can I capture them to help determine the cause. I have a suspicion that it is linked to the GPY/FiPY LTE reliability issues, but it is very hard to tell. Is it due to something in the PIC programming? Are they error codes? Can I access that LED from the GPY/FiPY code?

    Can anyone at Pycom provide some narrative around this behavior?

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