Send / Recieve SMS using Telstra examples?

  • Hoping some can share how to send/receive SMS using Telstra


  • I had a wild stab-in-the-dark this avo

    import time, network
    def _getlte():
      if not lte.isattached():                                                                                                                                 
        print('lte attaching '); lte.attach()
        while 1:
          if lte.isattached(): print(' OK'); break
          print('. ', end=''); time.sleep(1)
    print ('try sending an SMS')
    lte.send_at_cmd('At+CMGF=1')                                                    # put it into text mode?
    lte.send_at_cmd('AT+SQNSMSSEND=61xxxxxxxxx,This is the SMS content')             # where 61xxxxxxxxx' is a mobile number

    A doesn't work bench mark to start from?

  • @misterlisty I experimented with SMS with the GPY some time ago and it seemed to work OK on Telstra, but it may depend on the type of SIM (mine was a shared Voice Data) used. I never went much further with it because I found the GPY/firmwares to be a bit to flaky for what I was trying to do - both LTE and WiFi seemed to be too inconsistent - would run for several thousand cycles and then suddenly throw all sorts of weird errors despite no changes to hardware or code. As a consequence I have moved to a different product for that project - much more stable and faster so I am sticking with that, despite the inconvenience of not having built in LTE.

    For the SMS stuff I did try, I used the Monarch Platform LR5.1.1.0 AT Commands Reference Manual as a starting point but had to do a lot of experimenting, trial and error to get code that actually worked in both directions. There are a couple of SMS specific chapters in the manual. But there have been new versions of firmware released for both the GPY and the SEQUANS modem since my experiments - so be patient - Pycom documentation isn't the greatest. There are now some constraints on which AT commands can be used - If I remember correctly anything with AT!= is no longer supported/recommended by Pycom..

    Hope this helps..

    Note: Previously on this forum as Stevo52 (had to create a new id here because of email address change.)

  • Stevo52 is claiming success but short on detail

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