FiPy running warm

  • I have 2 x FiPy devices (one version 1.0 & a version 1.2).

    I am using deepsleep extensively in my code to save power.

    Strangely, when running the same application the V1.0 device runs warmer than the V1.2 device. The V1.2 device is cool to touch (expected since most of the time it is in deep sleep) whereas the V1.0 device is warm.

    I have not attempted to measure the actual power consumption yet, but I would expect the warmer device to be consuming more power when in deepsleep.

    Does anyone have any knowledge about this issue?


  • @robert-hh Thank you...
    Well, I ordered it. We'll see what I am going to get this time. Strangely, my order did not have date of arrival... I guess it is too much to expect from International shipment, or am I too spoiled? ;-)

  • @securigy The device sold by Pycom should be the new ones, despite the wrong pictures.
    Indication on the technical description for LTE:

    34 bands supports from 699Mhz to 2170Mhz (Total world-wide support)

  • @tuftec Can you please tell - me where did you buy FiPy 1.2 ?
    Any site I try I see no information about exact version I will get. Instead there are pictures of the FiPy 1.0 or 1.0r
    I already experienced the purchase of FiPy and got 1.0r instead of 1.2 - that's the reason that I am asking.
    Seems I cannot get a straight answer from anyone, include Pycom sales which is quite non-responsive...

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