lte passthrough?

  • Is it possible to connect the LTE uart direct to my computer comport so i can play aroud with third party tools that can work with the LTE commands?

  • @jcaron Yes, you could make a simple passthrough script between UART0 and UART2 I think. That may however conflict with the normal LTA firmware, and you migth have to use WiPy firmware for the device, which ignores everything besides the ESP32. I do not know wheter is is fast enough, and you have to deal with the complete modem configuration.

    The physical UART pins to the modem seem accessible on FiPy only. On GPY, TX and RTS are connected internally.

  • @misterlisty Hold the reset pin low. That blocks the ESP32.

  • Im trying to send an SMS and cannot get the cntrl-z to transmit, hence sms never sent.

    msg=lteM.send_at_cmd("\x1b") #\x1b \x1a

  • @robert-hh Is it not possible to have micropython talk to the LTE modem UART, and then have a simple script that transfers data between that one and the UART connected to USB?

    Well, probably not so simple since once has to do it both ways at the same time, but at least a pure software solution if that works...

  • @robert-hh Not sure what you mean? Do i hold the reset pin in? Do i have to write code for this?

  • @misterlisty Try to set the Pins connected to the Sequans modem to Input mode and hold your Pycom device in reset state. Doing the latter may also be sufficient to bring the GPIO pins in high impedance input mode.
    Unless the modem is connected to reset too (which does not seem to be, because somtimes only a power cycle resets the modem), you can then connect the modem directly.

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