Pybytes and multiple devices

  • After our (ongoing) issues this weekend ( we have a few questions about the pybytes platform.

    • How would someone add 100 devices to pybytes, is there some sort of API to add devices?
    • How can you update those 100 devices in one click?
    • We heard you could encrypt the code on the devices:
      "In order to secure the MicroPython code on the device, you have two options: Embed the code in the MicroPython firmware as pre-compiled frozen bytecode or by using device encryption. Both options require that you build your own firmware from the sources at More information about device security can be found here:"
      How can you update (if you can do it) these pycoms over pybytes?
    • We have devices in the field on a 2 hour drive. Can we update those devices over pybytes to not use the watchdogtimer, since they are constantly rebooting (possibly because of bad wifi)

    Basically we need a system that can add a few 100 devices and update those (all of them, parts of them, create some sort of "update-rings", without the need to change every file manually. And that code should be encrypted, but I have a feeling this won't be possible with pybytes..

  • @vitalcc We will publish a roadmap here on the forum soon

  • Hello,

    Are there any concrete dates in your timeline? For production use, those above mentioned points are quite necessary... Otherwise pycom wil stay a little bit a home brew solution for hobbyists. The hardware OEM modules (with certification) look very promising for quick development of custom implementations for our customers.


  • Hi @Lonefish all of these described features are on our roadmap for this year.

    We want to start with bulk device provisioning as the first thing.

    Then having much better code deployments + securing is another goal.

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