No atom wifi reconnect after deepsleep

  • I've got a gpy connected to Atom via wifi through a router. After deepsleep the gpy reconnects to the network but Atom does not reconnect automatically like it does over a wired usb connection. So then I have to click the Atom disconnect then reconnect buttons. That makes the run button vanish. So then I have to click Packages/Pymakr/Run current file to get the run button back. It's all very tedious!

    Has anyone found a way to get Atom to reconnect automatically over wifi like it does over usb?

  • @kjm This is indeed a major issue in debugging when using deepsleep.
    As soon as the system goes to sleep the USB connection and WiFi connection are gone.
    You then have to reconnect manuually first. As you describe, Atom is then also a major issue as the butons disappear and it thinks it is not fully connected while it is.
    This makes checking the functionality of a program using sleep very difficult. The only solution I found is using blinking LEDs of several colors to communicate with me the debugger. I am also busy with a logger which writes the state of the program to a file for later inspection.

    def blink(color, counts, intensity=0x1f, speed=0.5):
        colors = {
            "red": 0xFF0000,
            "green": 0x00FF00,
            "blue": 0x0000FF,
            "yellow": 0xFFFF00
        for i in range(counts):
            col = colors.get(color, 0xFFFFFF)
            col = int(col * intensity / 255.0)
            pycom.rgbled(0)  # off
    def blink_long(color):

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