Arduino reading High from WiPY 3.0

  • So I would like to set a pin High on my WiPy and then let the Arduino keep checking if a pin becomes high and if so, do X.

    My question is for example if I was to connect Pin X on the WiPy to a Pin Y on the Arduino. Would that break something and is Arduino going to be able to detect that?

    I know some programming but im horrible with electronics and wanted to ask before I break something.

  • @Dezert754 You have to connect the GND of both devices and a Pin of the Wipy set as Output to a Pin of the Arduino set as Input. The cables should not be long, and adding a resistor of 4.7kOhm into the wire does not hurt.
    Since the WiPy runs at 3.3 V and the Arduino at 5V, the level at the Arduino for a high is specified as 3.5V, so it's not sure if it works. Better use a level converter.

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