LTE+MQTT=Pybytes offline

  • Hi Pycom forum. I have been testing my new MPy board running an MQTT client over LTE. It works great. Then I set up Pybytes and the board shows up as connected on the Pybytes desktop. When I try to run my MQTT+LTE program Pybytes looses connection. It looks like Pybytes also uses MQTT to communicate. Is there any way to run Pybytes and my program concurrently - each using its own gateway?
    Any advice will be appreciated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • If this is the case then I could publish a message to my MQTT client to set flag in nvram or to file then reboot into "Pybytes mode". Probably worth trying because OTA firmware updates and code edits. Thanks for that.

  • i'm not sure but i think that most pycom devices only can have one active socket at the time.
    So I think you can't use them simultaneously, you have to switch

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