LoPy4 - Narrow bandwidth modes (7.8/10.4/62.5 kHz)

  • I have a couple of LoPy4's and am interesting in experimenting with the narrower bandwidth modes. The micropython API for LoRa allows me to set the 500/250/125 kHz modes as per the examples on the Pycom web site and elsewhere but I cannot see how to set the bandwidth to the narrow bandwidths e.g. 7.8/10.7/62.5 kHz.

    Is it possible with the currrent LoPy4 firmware to set these modes and if so what is the API call? If not, is there a possibility of having these modes added to the next firmware release?

    Failing the above, is it possible to programe these narrow bandwidth modes by bit/bang the SX1276 LoRa chip directly from micropython API calls?

  • Yes. I saw that I would need a more stable oscillator somewhere else on the web. I have no problem sorting that out but it still leaves me needing the API calls.

  • @AlbertMcG It is not only firmware but hardware. For narrow bandwidth (less then 125kHz) you need a higher stability oscillator, I mean a TXCO. I do not know circuit diagram of LoPy4, check the XTAL oscillator part.

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