Use FiPy without the expansion board

  • We are asking that can we configure fipy without using the expansion board ? , when we connect it to the laptop via USB To TTL, we get " No pycom boads found on usb " on Atom..

    Re: Fipy without expansion board![alt text](image url)

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  • @NB_IOT using a USB to TTL connector is possible. You should take care that:

    a) the adapter can supply sufficient power to the FiPy.
    b) the TX/RX levels are set to 3.3 V

    Looking at the picture I cannot tell whether the connections are right. The FiPy, when just powered, should show the blue heartbeat LED every 4 seconds. if not, it's probably not powered, or the firmware is damaged.
    Can you use a simple terminal emulator like Putty to test the connection.

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