How to enable other network after initial setup/firmware update?

  • I have a Lopy4 on a pysense and I've run through the firmware update process onto the pybytes system and got the network selection dialogue. I opted for WIFI and LoRa over OTAA but didn't enable Sigfox as I hadn't set up an SF account at that stage. I figured I would be able to revisit the network setup and enable SF later. Um, not convinced by this assumption now as when I look at the device in pybytes it shows I have WIFI and LoRa enabled but no obvious way to enable SF.
    I've gone through the SF registration, PAC codes etc. and have the device showing on the SF site but no traffic. I assume I now have to enable SF on my device in pybytes but how?
    Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?

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