FiPy + Things Mobile in France ?

  • Good evening,
    Has anyone ever tested his FiPy board with a Things Mobile SIM card, especially in France ? Does it work well ?
    Thanks in advance,
    A pleasant evening to you all !

  • @Eric73 I'm a bit late but thanks Eric for your help.

  • Bonjour Bruno, i haven't try Things mobile but FiPy is LTE-M / NB-IoT (and according to Things mobile web page, network provided in France is only GPRS 3G/4G and FiPy doesnt provide this band).
    In France Orange as put nbiot in ice and provide Lorawan network (and start to deploy LTE-M), bouygues provide Lorawan (don't know about nbiot or lte-m), SFR deploy (on demand) Nb-IOT on some area but have no plan to Lte-M.

    With all of this info, i have chosen to use a Lopy and use Sigfox network but it's only allow 1728 byte uplink by day and 32 byte downlink by day and after one year of free connectivity i don't know how we can renew subscription as sigfox france only sell by 10 pack for 160€ that is more than buy a new pycom module to change on my board....

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