config file on sd card

  • Hello there,

    Whats the best practice to store config related "things"? Like wifi ssid/pass, mqtt info, rtc info, timezone...
    Would be important, because the device need to function in enviroment where ppl has a limited knowedge about embleded system or it in general, but maybe needs to edit some basic configs.
    BTW, how do you protect the source code? So it can't be downloaded from pycom board only by people with access.

  • Json on the sd is come up to my mind also for config, I will give a try with that. :)
    I hoped, that there is an easier solution for source code protection, but it seems there isn't. Still thanks for your suggestion.

  • @tttadam If it does not have to be protected, you can put that in a Pyhton script which will be imported. You could as well us a JSON coded file, which you load and decode.
    For protection PyCom devices can encrypt the flash. However, you have to build the firmware yourself. At a slight less rigorous level you can put data into frozen bytecode, which again requires building the image yourself. Modules in frozen bytecode are not directly accessible to FTP or telnet. It is also possible to modify the code such that there is no REPL prompt. There are a lot of hits and thoughts about that in the forum.

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