Updating firmware on Pycom Expansion Board 3.1

  • Hi, I am new to the Pycom and recently we bought the Pycom Lopy 4 and the Pycom Expansion Board 3.1 As per the manual instructions, it says first we have to install the firmware for Expansion Board 3. We tried to install the firmware but could not install. If any one can kindly advice us. Thank you

  • You can check if the board is affected by sending the S/N to Pycom support (see the link to Expansion Board 3.1 issues). I have 2 boards with DFU lock in, but Pycom support already sent the replacements. You don't get a serial connection via USB with these boards, but besides that still are functional. Pymakr connection via WLAN and FTP are working (Lopy4 powered up and running). AFAIK - and proved by buying another board some weeks ago - if you now buy an EXP 3.1 you will not run into that problem. If your board is older, just check with support before trying to update it.

  • @phusy012 Better do not update the firmware of the expansion board, as long as it works. It may lock up for ever.

  • @phusy012 You have to put the board to update mode (DFU bootloader) - check the Docs
    Also be aware about Expansion board 3.1 issues

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