FiPY Sigfox range reception

  • I have been disappointed with the reception results of my FiPY, using Pycom SIGFOX example code, std whip antenna here in Adelaide Australia.

    Can i be assured that FiPY is Class 0, 22 dB device for Sigfox?
    I found no possibility to a requirement to set a parameter such as TX_Power or similar to achieve 22dB
    Will it just function at this level given i am region 4 for Sigfox over here.

    Should i go to a better antenna as only next option, 13bD yagi for 920 MHz.

    Works well to a range of half described in Sigfox coverage map.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or experience.

    ![alt text](Sigfox range problem.JPG image url)

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