Issues with wlan.isconnected() not returning True in 1.20.0.rc11

  • I am using a LoPy4 running 1.20.0.rc11 where the bug fix list includes:
    • Fix wlan.isconnected not returning True when station is connected in AP mode Issue #244

    However, I attempt to run plan.isconnected() in AP mode and the LoPy still does not return True despite two computers being connected. Is anyone else having issues or am I missing something here?


        def performSpeedtest(self):
            wlan = WLAN(mode=WLAN.STA)
            wlan = WLAN()
            # while wlan.isconnected() == False:
            #     print("doing cycle")
            #     if wlan.isconnected() == True:
            #         break
            if wlan.isconnected() == True:
                print("do them tests\n\n\n")

  • Hey @aidanlok Hope you are doing well. Just curious, were you able to perform speedtest? Also, how did you installed the uiperf3 ? Copy in the lib folder?

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