pymakr will not sync project

  • I am loosing the will to live here.
    I am having a reoccurring problem with pymakr just hanging when trying to sync a project after a previous successful sync.
    I have the latest firmware installed.
    I can telnet/ftp/screen (I'm on OSX) to the picot LoPy unit
    I can see the REPL cli in pymakr
    But whenever I try to sync a simple project ( and it just hangs

    My project is setting the IP address using DHCP to my local network (successfully)

    The only way I can seem to recover is to always have to do a factory reset of the filesystem
    this seems pretty extreme and unacceptable operation.
    Any ideas? Any way of getting a log file for the comms between pymakr and the LoPy board?

    MicroPython v1.8.6-379-gc44ebac on 2017-01-13; LoPy with ESP32

  • @livius thank you so much, I too was banging my head with the same issue, FTP is much better and reliable, I'm using tera term to see the console.

  • @livius thanks for the advice will give it a go.

  • @feabhas
    Do this in different way:

    1. create file e.g.
    2. write to it any config (IP settings) and other methods
    3. in e.g. write
      if button()==1: #you can use ==0 if you need different action to be default

    in this way if your sync will fail
    you have still your board with default AP settings when you press button or not

    and in my opinion - do not use Pymakr.
    I do not use it - only i work by ftp - edit and put file back
    It is faster for me.

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