Fresh Atom and Pymakr install fails

  • Hi,

    I've just had a fresh install of Atom and Pymakr on OS X but getting an error on @serialport/bindings so this is unable to run.

    Has anyone seen this before and if so, what is the fix? Are the developers aware of this issue and when will a fix be available.
    Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 6.49.49 AM.png



  • Any updates on how to solve this problem?

    Or are there better alternatives to using the Atom/PyMakr combination that actually work out of the box without any messing around?
    This is for a novice user I'm helping using a Mac.


  • Just to add, this was a completely fresh install were Atom and Pymakr were not previously installed.

  • I had a similar issue. Deleting the ~/.atom folder and reinstalling pymakr from scratch fixed the issue. I am running version 1.40.1 and pymakr 1.4.17.

  • Works only with Atom version 1.38
    Dont forget to turn off auto update as soon as possible.

    Maybe it is only a small version setting in pymker and easy to fix.

    You will find the solution somewhere in the github forum of pycom. Someone posted there a link to a working atom version.

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