• I followed Hologram network/site instruction for activating the SIM I got from them.
    It looks like there was a screen that says something like "You APN is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" but I am not sure - it looked strange - it was a simple word and user and password were 'none'.
    After that I performed firmware upgrade to and now I am not sure before I started coding wether APN set of not...

    Is there any way to know through REPL if APN is set and what it is?
    Do I have to keep the APN that Hologram assigned (if indeed they did) or I can set my own? Can I assign user and password, and if yes, how?

  • @securigy The APN is given by your service provider and it specifies to which network you need to connect. You need to set it here: lte.attach(band='your band', apn='your apn')

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