FiPy + PyTrack problems

  • I am having problems simply copying files to this FiPy both with VSCode (REPL) and Filezilla (ECONNREFUSED). The PyTrack I am using was working well with LoPy4 before...
    Besides that both of them are getting quite hot...Any ideas? (I don't want any fires on my desk when I am away).
    I spent quite a few bucks for FiPy, LTE Antenna, SIM, etc...and having this benign problem that I cannot even start coding on this corruption... The copy results are very chaotic - one time it really copied all the files but that was it...

    Uploading to /flash...
    Reading file status
    Failed to read project status, uploading all files
    Creating dir lib
    [1/5] Writing file (0kb)
    [2/5] Writing file lib/ (3kb)
    [3/5] Writing file lib/ (6kb)
    [4/5] Writing file lib/ (1kb)
    Failed to write file, trying again...
    Failed to write file, trying again...
    [5/5] Writing file (0kb)
    Failed to write file, trying again...
    Failed to write file, trying again...
    Upload failed.: timeout Please reboot your device manually.

  • @securigy Since you noted that, I left my FiPy now running for a few hours. It does not get hot. The temperature is like 30°C. When powering a pytrack, the regulator may get a little bit warmer. But that is not a problem. The operating temperature for example of the ESP32 is -40 to +125°C, that of the regulator is more difficult to asses, but the chip itself is safe up to 160°C.
    ftp itself does not depend on whther the device run in STA or AP mode. Only PC and Device have to be on the same network. Unless you PC has more than one network interface, it is usually more convenient to set the xxPy fo STA mode and let it connect to your home network.

  • @crumble thanks for your info about temperature...
    The file copy fails on pytrack lib files that I prefer leaving untouched...
    Others advise using FTP but Fipy has no I need initially connect to router as STA?
    Will it allow Ftp to coonect?

  • It is normal that such a powerful chip is getting quite warm on load. It will not catch fire.

    On my Win10 the upload of files is quite instable as well, but with this automatic retrys it works more or less find. You can reduce the filesize by precompiling the library files from *.py to *.mpy. With shorter files you don't run into that much problems.

    As a second workaround you can upload them via ftp.

    Once your files are on the *Pi only the change ones will be uploaded. This is quite reliable.

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