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  • Hello Everyone,

    I am a beginner user of Pycom devices - I have a FiPy and PySense board. I would like to do some mobile tests using the LoRaWAN network with sending some sensor data to TTN let's say every 5 seconds. Here I have some questions:

    • FiPy module can switch on-air between the 5 networks, how can I switch from LoRa to BLE or WiFi? I mean if the LoRa network becomes unavailable (it will lose connection to a gateway), switch to Wifi and send data, after some time check if the LoRa gateway is reachable again, and if it is switch to the LoRa network.
    • I would like to measure a battery usage when FiPy sends data with minimum and maximum throughput, how can I setup the throughput?

    I appreciate any helpful answer

  • @wojtek92 Lora, BLE and wifi can work at the same time on the Pycom products. The best way would be to create threaded classes for each protocol. The Lora is not intended for very high datarates. In the EU, the highest datarate is achieved at a DR5. To know whether the packet was received by the server you need to enable the confirmed flag.

    For battery levels please see here

  • @wojtek92 you should probably read up a bit about LoRa. Sending packets every 5 seconds is not quite something you do on LoRa (and in many cases, not even something you can do). For the same underlying reasons (power conservation, duty cycle limits...), you usually don’t know if the gateway is indeed reachable, you just send packets and hope for the best.

    Also, comparing long distance technologies such as LTE or LoRa with short-distance ones such as Wi-Fi and BLE is a bit weird. Also some are IP-based and can carry larger packets while other don’t directly support IP and only support shorter packets, so even though you could use all technologies dynamically, that rarely makes sense, IMHO.

    What’s your use case?

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