I2C pin

  • Hi all,
    I have to do two I2C lines and I have a disposition 4 pin: P8 P20 P15 P16.
    For the first I2C I have P9 and P10
    My question is Can i use two lines I2C together?

  • @ciccio An i2c master can be connected to multiple slave devices. Please read this artice. Please however notice that the pycom devices can be configure as master only

  • @ciccio
    In case you need to connect more than one I2C device: you can have multiple I2C devices on one I2C bus
    In case you really need two distinct I2C interfaces: Yes, you can define that. When defining the I2C, you can specify the GPIO ports used for that. You can however not use P15 or P16, because these are input only pins. P8 and P20 are fine, unless you want to use the SD card, which also uses P8.

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