Creating a WiFi network with a Fipy

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    I have the same problem .... has someone developed such solution ? : use the FiPy as a Wifi to LTE IoT router ? ie : connect a device on the FiPy Wifi AP that routes the data to an IoT server using the Sequans IoT modem ?

    We managed to connect to the IoT eNodeB (attaching LTE), but not found how to relay the data arriving on the AP ....

  • The answer from Pycom support :-(

    "At the moment you cannot create a socket on wifi and a socket on LTE. The module will automatically choose the last networking protocol and create a socket over it. As an example if you first create the wifi class and then you create the lte class, the socket will be created over lte.
    Please can you give some more details on the use of the Pycom device ? What data will be transmitted from the device to the PC ? What are the packet length / data rate requirements ?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Pycom support"

    So the FiPy is unusable for me.

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