Removing RTS/CTS jumpers

  • What do I need to do to remove RTS/CTS jumpers on Expansion Board 3.1 with FiPy ? I mean physically, from the wiring perspective: connect/disconnect wires, move switches, etc.

    From the documentation:
    When using the expansion board and the FiPy together, the RTS/CTS jumpers MUST be removed as those pins are being used by the LTE radio. Keeping those jumpers in place will lead to erratic operation and higher current consumption specially while in deepsleep.

  • @robert-hh got it - thank you - took me awhile to recognize...I would not guess that those are the jumpers - it all looked like one 6-pin socket...

  • @securigy Just pull of the jumpers. There is a row of jumpers on the board, labelled with the respective signal names.

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