Exemplar for FiPy Pysense minimal battery use, wake up for broadcast LTE/LoRa

  • Re: FiPy: Simultaneous transmission with CAT-M1 & LoRa

    I too want to broadcast Pysense data in chunks (twice/day) via LTE and LoRa (maybe even SigFox too), and otherwise in battery-saving sleep mode. My understanding is Deep Sleep and corresponding Deep Sleep Shield is not needed for FiPy. I have seen a few posts with example script for Pycom.go_to_sleep() or time.sleep, and also remarks that the FiPy can achieve 25 uA in deep sleep. However, I cannot find an exemplar that achieves 25 uA with some combination of 'sleep' modes. From playing around, looks like turning off WiFi saves about 35 mA, and py.go_to_sleep() saves about 55 mA, but combined still nowhere near 25 uA. Can we have an exemplar that achieves the promised 25 uA?

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