FiPy: ADC Breakouts for and Voice

  • So I was inspired by @rcolistete suggestions for ADC breakouts that do not require soldering (no equipment and neither experience) and decided to do my own research about ADCs that does not require soldering .... and here is what I found:


    The DFR0553 is by DFRobot which I have no such great experience with (based on their ECG breakout) but it is based on ADS1115 and worth $10 to try, especially since Robert_hh has MicroPython driver for ADS1115.

    The Grove I2C ADC is also ADS1115-based and has convenient 4-pin female connectors...

    The first one - DFR0316 is also from DFRobot and is 18-bit but limited by 240 SPS (just another backup but I doubt if suffice for voice application)

    I also found that neither of them are probably would do for audio applications (which I have no HW/FW experience with - it looks like 8KHz is the minimum acceptable based on
    Is that true?

    If you or anybody else has experience with any of those boards please share it.
    I am also looking for guidance of transmitting voice over FiPy CAT-M1 and MQTT - anybody?

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