Gpy bricked after adding Pybytes firmware

  • Finally got LTE up and running, thought I'd test out Pybytes, and now I've got bigger problems.

    After following the steps here: I'm now completely unable to communicate with my Gpy. In Atom, all I see is "Connecting to COM3..." with no way to access REPL. If I try to upload anything, I get "Upload failed: timeout. Please reboot your device manually." If I hit Ctrl+C, nothing happens.

    I've attempted safe boot and firmware reset, with no luck. Any suggestions? Sure is a finicky little thing.

  • @nakovi

    Fixed this by using the erase all feature from:

    A little heavy handed but the board seems to be back to normal. I'm pretty afraid to touch pybytes again though. Time to look into alternative for uploading data.

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