Error Update firmware FiPy

  • Hello,

    I have my frimware up to date though, the first time I turn on the FiPy after a while it gives me this error! I reset it and now it's able to connect to band 8. Do you have any idea what I could do to avoid this problem?



  • @robert-hh Thanks for your answer. I have the Pycom MicroPython 1.20.1.r2 and the modem firmware NB1-41019. line 32, it's just lte.attach(band=8,apn="").
    Ok, I will wait.

  • @Tgasser How does the line 32 look like, and which version of the FiPy firmware and the modem firmeare are you using.
    Besides that: the FiPy firmware checks on atatch the version of the LTE firmware. If that fails for any reason like a timeout, 0 is returned, and that is what you see in the error message. This error message is most likely wrong resulting from an non-matching error handling. You could try to wait a few seconds before the attach attempt.

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