Power a Pycom board with the JST battery connector not possible ?

  • Hello there,

    I can't seem to find any information if I can power a Pysense board with a battery by the JST connector. On the pysense I have a fipy module.

    I've tried connecting a battery by the jst connector and it doesn't power my board at all. All I can do is charging the battery if I plug a micro usb cable.

    Maybe I'm missing something.

    Any help will be appreciated

  • @shadow7457 You can most definitely do it. Note that the battery voltage should be above the threshold (3.3V IIRC) for the Pysense and *Py module to start.

    One big warning though: wiring of JST connectors on batteries is not standard, and may be reversed compared to what the Pysense expects (there's a tiny + on the PCB to show the expected polarity).

    Batteries sold by Adafruit and the like have "right" polarity. Batteries sold for drones and other RC devices usually have the reverse polarity.

    I don't remember if the Pysense has proper protection for reverse polarity or if they will just "blow up" (not literally, luckily) in that situation. Hope for you it has the protection (if the issue is indeed the battery polarity).

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