Fipy connect on Putty but can't connect on Atom+pymakr.....Windows 7

  • The Fipy board is connected via the serial USB (as mentioned on the manual) and i can communicate with it using putty, however there's no Fipy Wifi Network (that's suppose to be activated as a default mode ) and Atom can't see the board . Kindly any suggestion , i spent a lot of time trying fix this issue.




  • Installing python 2.7 instead of 3.X solves the problem , now the serial port is working fine .

  • The Problem was Solved, in the firmware updater program instead of choosing
    Type : Pybytes ----> Cause the Problem on the Fipy (i Don't know why)
    instead i choosed ---> Type: Pybytes -legacy (and it's work well now)


    But due to Driver issue (for Windows 7) i still can't communicate with the board through the USB-Serial (Only by WiFi )

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