Connecting Camera to FiPy - New Findings of non-EE...

  • I asked this question before but got no answer: How do I connect OV2640 camera to FiPy?
    Do I connect only SCL and SDA pins to Expansion Board 3.1? (besides GND and VCC) or do I need to connect something else as well?
    Just to clarify: I intend delivering images only over MQTT - not video...

    EDIT: Feb 7, 2020
    I figured out why I was so confused with regards to connecting the camera to FiPy - the camera had standard SCCB interface (Serial Camera Control Bus) with 2 rows of lots of unfamiliar pins... The latter is a clone of I2C but not exact clone. When FiPy in the master mode and needs to get ACK from SCCB it is not coming (difference in protocol). Therefore, the conclusion of my research is that it may or may not work... and so, I ordered the same OV2640 camera but with I2C (for control) and SPI (for data) - not going to waste hours on something that may not work instead of getting one that works for $26.
    You may ask - why OV2640 ? Because there is MicroPython driver exists out there and I had no plans to develop one ;-)

  • @Adnan-Sabovic-0 it would probably help a lot if you answered the questions raised in your other thread.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to enable the same thing on my FiPy board but I got this issue OSError: I2C bus error. Do you maybe know how to solve this problem?


  • I do not have much first-hand experience with connecting the OV2640 camera to the Fipy, but there are several micropython tutorials and libraries out there, that Im confident should also work on the Fipy. Search around for OV2640, micropython and esp32, and you'll get there.

  • @securigy : Hi there--I'm curious to know if you were able to get the OV2640 working on your FiPy?

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