FiPy + Expansion Board: Battery Question

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    while this is a little bit OT in this very context, I wanted to share a conversation within our community with you [1]. They measure power consumption of a TTGO T-Call there which integrates an ESP32 with a SIM800.

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  • @jcaron I made a little diagram of the current consumption from startup, starting LTE modem, connect, some traffic and disconnect. The figure is A. I used an INA219 and a Schottky diode as a poor man's log type shunt. That causes the falling ramp between ~17000 and 20000. Not precise, but doing that I have a extremely wide range from µA to A, but low resolution.

  • @robert-hh Wow, does the FiPy draw that much more than the LoPy? IIRC the LoPy was closer to 50 mA.

    Of course, it probably all depends whether WiFi and/or BLE are on and what they are actually doing (connected, scanning...)

    But at 100-200 mA, getting decent battery life with a deep sleep pattern really needs having the shortest "awake" time (and long deep sleep periods).

  • @securigy said in FiPy + Expansion Board: Battery Question:

    To use the battery, pull P8/G15 high (connect to 3v3). If you want to use the SD card as well, use a 10k pull-up.

    As far as I remember, that was a problem with the expansion board 3.0. In the expansion board 3.1, this resistor should be present.
    The 2000 mAh battery should be able to supply sufficient current and last about 8 hours net runtime. The FiPy I have hear consume ~100 mA when idle, ~200mA with LTE enabled with short peaks of >300mA.

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