FiPy + Pytrack + Lipo Battery Issues

  • I am trying to use a FiPy with a Pytrack board to run a program. When I am running the program on the board while connected to a lipo battery everything runs fine. How ever when I then plug in a micro usb to charge the battery the program stops running and the board appears to enter a sleep state. The power has to be connected and reconnected in order for the program to restart.

    The same thing happens if I start the program with both the charger and battery connected. The program runs fine until I disconnect the charger and attempt to run just off battery. Again the program stops running

    How can I get it so that the program never stop running when the power source it switched?

    The end goal is to be able to put it into a "low power mode" when charging. I already have it detecting when it is on the charger but cannot get the program to keep running.

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