Cannot create Google Cloud IoT core integration

  • I cannot create an integration with google cloud. In google cloud, I have enabled billing, created a new project with IoT core enabled, but still, after I "Sign in with Google" from Integrations > Create New Integration > Google Cloud, I am just shown the same login page as before.

    Skærmbillede 2020-03-04 kl. 14.19.54.png

    When I show the developer console on the page, en error is shown, after login screen is shown again:
    Skærmbillede 2020-03-04 kl. 14.09.02.png

    I have tried on both firefox and chrome – nothing helps. I have tried revoking the pybytes access and adding it again. Still nothing. What am I missing?

    I've don a few projects with Google cloud and – no issues, so my google cloud is definitely working for somethings.

    Here a screenrecording of me trying to add the integration:

  • @pedroknup Thanks - yes it does work now, just connected to a registry and send a test message :-) However, we switched to a webhook strategy for the prototype, as we had to get something off the ground. But nice to know that it is back up.

    What is not comforting though, is that this API change was not implemented in pybytes before google changed it? Usually google warns me when they make breaking changes in their services (such as cloud functions). I expect that that it was "only" the API for setting up the connection that was changed, not any already running integrations - so no business consequences... But what about the future – may I let my client's business rely on the Pybytes-Google integration?

    Again, thanks for fixing the issue at hand and following up.

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    Hi @niels-reflektor. It seems they have changed the Google login API response body. We have just released a fix for that. Google Cloud integration is now working.

    Please try signing in again.

    Thank you for reporting.

  • Hi @niels-reflektor

    sure, we started working on a fix today!

  • @jirkakrepl Thank you for the timely reply :-)

    Any timeline? I have 2.5 weeks till first sprint deadline, so I may be able to hold off going other directions, if a fix is in sight.

  • Hi @niels-reflektor
    thank you for reporting this. We noticed this yesterday, and we're going to fix this soon.

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