Importing Library

  • Hi,

    I am trying to import this library,

    On to a Fipy and I am not sure where to start. I tried reading the docs but honestly got lost on how to apply it to a pycom unit. I am after polyfit to do some polynomial regression.

  • Took more time than planned.

    Voilá, more community Pycom MicroPython firmwares, including :

    • 24 firmwares without ulab, in combinations of 6 xxPy boards, Pybytes or not, single/double precision;
    • 21 firmwares with ulab, in combinations of 6 xxPy boards, Pybytes or not, single/double precision. 3 LoPy/SiPy/WiPy firmwares with ulab and Pybytes combinations are not possible due to the small firmware partition size of these boards. These firmwares with ulab have 'MICROPY_PY_REVERSE_SPECIAL_METHODS' enabled to allow '1 + np.arange(10)', for example.

    Announce with more details in 'Pycom firmwares with single/double precision and ulab module' topic.

  • Today I've finally success building firmware Pycom MicroPython v1.20.2.rc10 + ulab v0.54.2. Some backporting was needed from MicroPython v1.12 to Pycom MicroPython (based in v1.11).

    I hope tomorrow to publish the firmware files for all xxPy boards combining features enabled/disabled, like PyBytes, single/double precision and ulab.

    I will keep you updated here.

  • Hi kjm,

    Sorry I completely missed this response!

    The reason I wanted it is because I am making a datalogger that takes a reasonably large amount of recordings and sending them over cellular is no problem. However, when I want to send it over LoRa it is too much so my thinking was that I could record the same amount of recordings then construct a poly from the recordings and then send that instead. I am certainly open to better ideas though?

    I am not sure how to recompile with ulab so might need to do some research on that.

    Thank you for your reply and sorry I was so late to reply.

  • Since the library is in C you might have to recompile the pycom firmware with ulab? Robert & Andreas (couple of forum regulars) have mastered the art form.

    Do you really need to do this in real time on the Fipy? I needed a poly to convert battery voltage to state-of-charge, did it online in Windows on PC then used the formula so obtained in the pycom board.

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