[SOLVED] Unable to upgrade PyTrack/FiPy firmware using Pycom Upgrade

  • I've been trying to upgrade my PyTrack + FiPy using the Pycom Upgrade tool that is available but every time I try to connect the board I keep getting "Could not connect to the board".
    Tried changing the baud settings and check uncheck the different settings but to no avail.

    USB-driver is installed and I can access the device using REPL and also upload/download/run files without any problems at all but upgrading the firmware to get a SigFox Device ID and PAC is not working.

    Using zadig and df-util also successfully updated the board so I'm clueless why I cannot upgrade.

    os.uname() returns following:

    sysname='FiPy', nodename='FiPy', release='1.20.1.r3', version='v1.11-58398d3 on 2019-12-12', machine='FiPy
    with ESP32', lorawan='1.0.2', sigfox='1.0.1', pybytes='1.3.0'

    I also don't seem to have a SigFox Device ID nor PAC as they come back as:

    SigFox DeviceID:  b'ffffffff'
    SigFox PAC:  b'ffffffffffffffff'

    when using following code:

    # print Sigfox Device ID
    print("SigFox DeviceID: ", binascii.hexlify(sigfox.id()))
    # print Sigfox PAC number
    print("SigFox PAC: ", binascii.hexlify(sigfox.pac()))

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Solved in https://forum.pycom.io/topic/5788/solved-v2-register-sigfox-returning-response-registersigfoxdevice-is-missing-some-arguments/5

  • Was able to update the device using "Flash from local file" and using Fipy-1.18.3.tar which flashed successfully and I got to the confirmation page saying DeviceID, LoRa Mac etc. but SigFox ID and PAC-fields are missing...

    Is there any other way to get the SigFox ID's in order to register the device on SigFox Backend?

    Had to downgrade from 1.20.1.r3 to 1.18.3 due to rtc.ntp_sync-simply not working using 1.20.1.r3

  • The port must not be used by something else your IDE.

    You may run into problems on a device with a high load.. In such a case, open the IDE, stop the script with ctrl-c, close the IDE and start the udate programm. But mind your watchdog. Your device may boot into high load again ;)

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