Preset variables in query parameters does not work for Webhook integration

  • I've tried to create a Webhook integration with the following parameters:
    HTTP Method: POST
    Request Format: Custom Body

    I find that preset variables does not work for the query parameters - the preset variable key string it just passed on without replacement. I.e. for DEVICE_NAME, I receive that very same string (DEVICE_NAME) at the end point.

    I notice that if I check the "use preset" checkbox and press save, the the box is unchecked when I review the configuration afterwards. I.e.

    Before Save:

    After Save, Edit:

    The preset variable replacement works fine for the Custom Body field.

    Can you help me with a solution?

    A side note: it would be very useful if it were also possible to use the preset parameters in the URL field.

    Thank you in advance.

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