LTE-M Telenor

  • Hi, setting up LTE M for band 20 in Sweden, does work with Telia, but not Telenor. Telenor has support for LTE-CAT M1 but no success. Have tested both Telenor Norways code and the standard Pycom approach. No success, the operator don´t even se that the SIMs have tested to connect. Thoughts?

  • @aen At least in Sweden we have tested both LTE-M and NB-IoT with Telia quite a lot. Telenor runs LTE-M as well, I have tested that a lot as well and Tre has the NB-IoT in place. That one I am still trying to test, for some reason the NB-IoT firmware available for GPy is not available from the firmware I am using, so I am stuck at the moment, and have been for some time now. What networks have you tested?

  • @Don-iot i did not know that telia enabled lte-m. that is really interesting!

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