Cannot Connect to Modem when NOT using Atom?

  • Hi all,

    I'm using multiple FiPy + Expansion Board 3.1, all running 1.20.2.rc6, and cellular firmware LR5.1.1.0-41065.

    So far, I have 3 sets up and running. Two of them are working well, however the third has an issue where calling lte = LTE() results in a "Couldn't connect to Modem!" error. Frustratingly, this always happens when running the device on a USB battery, or when running connected to my computer without Atom open.

    When Atom IS open, it almost always works. It also appears that it works if I open a UART connection to the Pycom device on my host computer.

    I'm setting up a fourth FiPy + Expansion board to see if it has the same problem.

    I've tried running lte.factory_reset() in Atom, but no change.

    One of the ones that is working now did not before, but this was fixed by updating from 1.20.2.rc3 to rc6.

    I'm hoping for any suggestions on how to proceed. For example, is there any way of clearing and re-uploading the modem firmware from scratch? Fortunately, as it appears to work with an open UART connection, this isn't a roadblock to my project, however it is weird and is something I'd like to solve.

    P.S. before you ask, I'm catching the "Couldn't connect to Modem" error and sending the text to my host computer via WiFi, which is how I know what the error is when I'm not using Atom or a Python UART connection on the host.

  • This post is deleted!

  • With firmware 1.20.2.rc7, this problem persists. However the error I get from it has been expanded to:

    Couldn't connect to Modem (modem_state=connecting)

    Hope this helps fix the issue.

    This still consistently happens when FiPy is powered. As soon as a UART serial connection is made with the FiPy through a python script or through Atom, it connects on the next try.

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