Error in the module selection pycom for firmware updating

  • Hello, I bought a SiPY module but when selecting the module type (WiPy 2.0,LoPy,LoPy4,FiPy or SiPy) in firmware update tool I selected wrong type (WIPY).
    When I want to update the sipy module , it's select wipy and I cant'n change.

    Pycom Upgrade

    Your wipy was successfully update.
    Version: 1.20.0.rc13 [legacy]
    Total time 20.6 seconds

    Changed baud rate to 230400
    Read 4 KiB from config in 0.16 seconds
    Changed baud rate to 921600
    File system type set to FatFS
    Wrote 28 KiB from bootloader.bin in 1.01 second
    Wrote 4 KiB from partitions.bin in 0.12 seconds
    Wrote 1.68 MiB from wipy.bin in 17.84 seconds
    Booting from partition: factory
    Wrote 4 KiB to otadata in 0.12 seconds
    Wrote 4 KiB to config in 0.12 seconds

    I can't get the device ID and PAC to register on the sigfox platform

    How can I correct the error?

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