Fipy, not enter to using pybytes and LTE

  • Hi!
    I'm working with Fipy board. When in pybytes WiFi network all my code works perfectly, but when I use LTE network and upload the firmware using Pycom firmware update, the code freeze after entablish connection with pybytes.

    This is my output. The file never execute

    Am I failed with some configuration? I had working on it about 2 days and I can't connect using LTE

    This is my code

    import pycom
    import time
    # Import what is necessary to create a thread
    import _thread
    from time import sleep
    # Increment index used to scan each point from vector sensors_data
    def inc(index, vector):
        if index < len(vector)-1:
            return index+1
            return 0
    # Define your thread's behaviour, here it's a loop sending sensors data every 5 seconds
    def send_env_data():
        idx = 0
        sensors_data = [0, -0.2, -0.5, -0.7, -0.8, -0.9, -0.9, -0.9, -0.8, -0.6, -0.4, -0.2, 0, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 0.9, 0.9, 0.8, 0.6, 0.4, 0.1]
        while (pybytes):
            # send one element from array `sensors_data` as signal 1
            print('Sending signal...')
            pybytes.send_signal(1, sensors_data[idx])
            idx = inc(idx, sensors_data)
    color = [0x7f0000, 0x007f00, 0x00007f]
    counter = 0
    while True:
        if counter >= 2:
            counter = 0
        counter = counter + 1
    # Start your thread
    _thread.start_new_thread(send_env_data, ())

    Thanks in advance

  • @Gijs I found the issue! The GPy was connected to my guest wifi which apparently has a firewall that blocks all non-websurfing and -email traffic (probably by only allowing ports 80 and 443). Connecting it to my main wifi or disabling this firewall let the GPy start up.

    It would be nice if Pybytes still continues booting up even if it can not connect to the MQTT server.

  • Hi,
    This is a really odd issue and I cannot reproduce it like this. Do you get this everytime you use pybytes? Can you try manually connecting a socket to Is your WiFi stable and connected to the internet? the ECONNRESET error is thrown when the server closes the connection abruptly..

  • @Gijs Thanks for answering.

    The following is the debug output when connecting with Wifi – it gets stuck when trying to connect to the Pycom MQTT server:

    Firmware: 1.20.2.r1
    Pybytes: 1.6.0
    {'wifi': {'ssid': '<SSID>', 'password': '<PASSWORD>'}, 'pybytes_autostart': True, 'username': '<EMAIL>', 'cfg_msg': 'Pybytes configuration read from /flash/pybytes_config.json', 'server': '', 'lte': {'apn': 'em', 'cid': 1, 'reset': False, 'carrier': 'standard', 'band': 20, 'type': 'IP'}, 'ssl': False, 'device_id': '<DEVICE_ID>', 'network_preferences': ['wifi', 'lte'], 'dump_ca': False, 'wlan_antenna': 0, 'ota_server': {'port': 443, 'domain': ''}}
    Attempting to connect with network wifi
    Initialized watchdog for WiFi and LTE connection with timeout 1260000 ms
    WLAN connected? False
    Wifi connection attempt: 1
    WLAN connected? False
    (ssid='<SSID>', bssid=b'<BSSID>', sec=3, channel=6, rssi=-50)
    Connecting with <SSID> and <PASSWORD>
    WiFi connection established
    MQTT Protocol
    Socket send error [Errno 104] ECONNRESET

    In contrast is the debug output when connecting with LTE only – everything works in this case:

    Firmware: 1.20.2.r1
    Pybytes: 1.6.0
    {'wifi': {'ssid': '<SSID>', 'password': '<PASSWORD>'}, 'cfg_msg': 'Pybytes configuration read from /flash/pybytes_config.json', 'wlan_antenna': 0, 'ota_server': {'port': 443, 'domain': ''}, 'server': '', 'ssl': False, 'lte': {'apn': 'em', 'cid': 1, 'reset': False, 'carrier': 'standard', 'band': 20, 'type': 'IP'}, 'device_id': '<DEVICE_ID>', 'network_preferences': ['lte'], 'pybytes_autostart': True, 'dump_ca': False, 'username': '<EMAIL>'}
    Attempting to connect with network lte
    Initialized watchdog for WiFi and LTE connection with timeout 1260000 ms
    LTE init(carrier=None, cid=1)
    LTE attach(band=20, apn=em, type=IP)
    LTE connect()
    LTE is_connected()
    LTE connection established
    connect_lte with start_mqtt is now removed please call communication_protocol or start_mqtt directly
    MQTT Protocol
    Packet sent. (Length: 114)
    This is PybytesProtocol.start_MQTT
    Packet sent. (Length: 44)
    Connected to MQTT
    Pybytes connected successfully (using the built-in pybytes library)
    This is pack_info_message()
    __pack_message: b'<MESSAGE>'
    MQTT Protocol
    Packet sent. (Length: 50)
    Pybytes configuration read from /flash/pybytes_config.json
    Pycom MicroPython 1.20.2.r1 [v1.11-a5aa0b8] on 2020-09-09; GPy with ESP32
    Pybytes Version: 1.6.0

  • Can you try the following:

    >>> import pycom;
    >>> pycom.nvs_set('pybytes_debug', 99)

    From here:
    It seems the Pybytes is getting stuck somewhere, but I cannot tell exactly what. Let me know of the output!


  • I have a similar problem with a GPy – but for me everything works as long as the device is connected via LTE. When on WiFi the execution stops at the same line. I don't even have much code in the file, just setting the RGB LED to a different color.

    Firmware: 1.20.2.r1
    Pybytes: 1.6.0
    Initialized watchdog for WiFi and LTE connection with timeout 1260000 ms
    WiFi connection established
    Connected to MQTT
    Pybytes connected successfully (using the built-in pybytes library)

    After that the REPL does not appear, and never gets executed. In the Pybytes Dashboard no connection seems to be recognized (the "last connection" does not update like it does when the device is connected via LTE).

    Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

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