OTA updates: HTTP Server not working

  • Hi.

    I am following the example in the documentation, as well as referencing this video from Pycom:


    However, when running the server, either in CMD or in Visual Studio, it produces following error if i try to enter either:

    or as suggested in the video:



    I haven't changed a single line in the OTA.py or OTA_server.py, so what am i doing wrong?

    The directory that i am running the server from when using CMD has following structure:

    To get the errors shown i had to go into Visual Studio and run the server, where the directory is not in this structure, but i am assuming that this is not the problem since running the server using CMD is not working.

    Another question: Ultimately i would like to be able to remotely update my code on the FiPy using LTE (NB-IoT) connection instead of WiFi. What will this require of changes? Obviously i must replace the Wifi part of the code, but wondering if someone has made this work / have an example of it?

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