Cannot establish MQTT SSL connection

  • Hi everyone, this is my first attempt to publish with MQTT & SSL on I have zero experience in python. I do have some experience in Ruby and in Ruby on Rails. I tried non-ssl and it worked fine.
    Please have a look at the code. My goal is to use all three keys in the ssl_params dictionary. However i currently need only two for connecting to the mosquitto server. I generated the certificate file & key at the mosquitto website see here: . I have uploaded the file in /flash/cert dir via ftp. I have tried both 8883 & 8884 port. No luck.
    After executing the code in atom editor i get the following error:

    >>> Running mqtt
    Connecting to WiFi network 'TOTOLINK 2.4G (1)'
    Connecting to MQTT server...
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<stdin>", line 50, in <module>
    File "/flash/lib/", line 69, in connect
    ValueError: invalid argument(s) value
    Pycom MicroPython 1.20.2.rc6 [v1.11-01f49f7] on 2020-02-28; FiPy with ESP32
    Pybytes Version: 1.3.1
    Type "help()" for more information.

    from mqtt import MQTTClient
    from network import WLAN
    import machine
    import time
    import ussl
    def sub_cb(topic, msg):
    ctr = 0
    ssid = "TOTOLINK 2.4G (1)"
    ip = ""
    g_ip = ""
    mask = ""
    password = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    device_id = "mydevice-AF4Wd24F2S"
    mqtt_url = "" 
    mqtt_user = ""
    mqtt_pass = ""
    mqtt_port = 8884
    #ssl_params = {'cert_reqs': ssl.CERT_REQUIRED, 'ca_certs': 'pycom/ca.pem', 'keyfile': '/flash/cert/client.pem', 'certfile': '/flash/cert/client.pem'}
    ssl_params = {'cert_reqs': ussl.CERT_REQUIRED, 'keyfile': '/flash/cert/client.key', 'certfile': '/flash/cert/client.pem'}
    wlan = WLAN(mode=WLAN.STA)
    # go for fixed IP settings (IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS)
    wlan.ifconfig(config=(ip, mask, g_ip, g_ip))
    wlan.scan()     # scan for available networks
    wlan.connect(ssid=ssid, auth=(WLAN.WPA2, password))
    print("Connecting to WiFi network '" + ssid + "'")
    while not wlan.isconnected():
    print("Connecting to MQTT server...")
    client = MQTTClient(
    status = client.connect()
    if status == 0:
    while True:
        print("Sun is rising...")
        client.publish(topic="manos/status/sun", msg="RISE")
        print("Sun is setting...")
        client.publish(topic="manos/status/sun", msg="SET")

    Unfortunately the docs have only got a non-enqrypted connection setup.
    I just don't get it... Why don't they have more code examples?
    Can anybody help me get this done?

    Regards to all

  • I'm going to be working on something similar over the next little while, so if you do make progress, I would be interested to read about it.

    In my arduino environment, the 'secure' connection happens when you're starting the wifi... you either start the wifi client with or without 'security'....

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