Fipy upload/run/download failed with Pytrack

  • Hello. I am using fipy + pytrack for the first time and I cannot load, run or download any code using pytrack, I also have lopy4 and the expansion board 3.0, I did the test of loading a code in fipy using the expansion board 3.0 and I don´t had problems. I have been working with The lopy4 and the expansion board 3.0 for a while without any problem, but when I trying to use pytrack to load code to fipy and lopy4 I get the following error:
    ![alt text](![image url](![image url](![image url](Fipy pytrack.png image url))))
    I already have the drivers installed and update the firmware for pytrack and Fipy. I suspect that the problem is with Pytrack, what do you say?
    I really appreciate your support

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