"Cannot import name sigfox" on new firmware?

  • Hello,

    I'm new to pycom and micropython, coming from arduino and C.

    I'm trying to use the sigfox example but am getting the error "cannot import name sigfox"

    I just read a very old post with the title "cannot import name sigfox", however it indicated that the firmware at the time did not yet support sigfox... surely we're past that now?

    I've just received my brand new fipy(must have some version of newer firmware than from the old post?), and I thought I've even ran through the firmware update procedure properly...


    Update: I've just ran os.uname() and saw that I'm on sigfox 1.0.1...

  • Hi Rob, yes you were right something small!

  • @gldoug The word Sigfox starts with a capital letter.

    from network import Sigfox

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